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Welcome to the White Rose Collection

White Rose Collection bring you useful products to make life with an stoma more comfortable, including Ladies and Men's ostomy underwear, ostomy swimwear and ostomy accessories. Suitable for people with an Ileostomy, Colostomy or Urostomy.

All our underwear is higher in the waist and has a special full width universal inner pouch which keeps your bag away from your skin, under control and stops it dropping down the leg line. Our swimwear has the same inner pouch and a fully lined front to give a smoother outline. The pouch will suit all types of stoma, either side or both.  All are made in the UK with top quality fabrics for long life, we have tried the cheaper fabrics and found they just don't do the job. We believe that you deserve the best quality we can provide.


Higher waistline for extra comfort. Special Universal inner pouch pockets keep the bag away from your skin and under control. Trunks have extended button fly for easier access and a concealed opening in the bottom seam, which allows for Urostomy drainage (if required) Y fronts have a full width Universal inner pouchSwimshorts have higher waistline and inner pouch to keep your bag secure.


Our end of range Ostomy clothing sale items, everything at 50% off!

Ostomy Clothing Sale

A comfortable design with full leg for everyday wear. Teams with the Sloggi R Bra. All designs have a higher waistline and incorporate our special inner pouch

Everyday Cotton Brief

A close fitted design in comfortable cotton elastane.A higher waistline and inner pouch keeps your bag secure and comfortable. There is a concealed opening at the bottom of the pouch for easier urostomy drainage and a full length button fly for easier access (particularly useful at night). Top quality fabric is used in this design, three colours.

Mens Fitted Trunk

THE STOMA CUP A must have product! We cannot believe how good this product is. Allows you to have a bath or shower without your bag. Also great when changing bags, a third hand to help you. You'll never know how you did without one. The Stoma Cup attaches easily with an Ostomy belt (not included, but available free on prescription in the UK). The Stoma Cup gives you a third hand, holding a piece of absorbent material over your stoma to catch any unintended flow. You'll now experience the freedom and convenience of having both hands free to clean up and attach your new appliance. When bathing or showering it feels like you don't have a stoma, no more wet bags. Made from high quality moulded plastic, can be used over and over again.

Stoma Cup


A smart casual chino style trouser with higher waist, elasticated hip section for extra comfort, front pleats, zip fly, front & back pockets, belt loops and is machine washable. NOTE this design has an expanding waist which goes out 2-3 inches. So if your waist measures for example 38

Flexifit Poly Cotton Trouser