Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have any problems with the site please contact us by phone on (0)1202 854634

Some of the queries we have had which may help you :

Removing unwanted items from your shopping cart

Q - I have some items in my basket which I want to remove.

A - To remove anything in the basket that you don't want after you have confirmed it, all you need to do is click on the 'view cart' button (top right of screen) there you will see the items in your basket. on the right hand side of each item there is a small box with the word 'remove' above it. Click on that so an arrow appears in the box, (repeat for any other items you don't want) then click on the 'update' button (lower down on the left) and all selected items will be removed.

Q -Do I need a password or 'log in' to make a purchase?

A - No, the facility to 'log in' and create an online account for convenience will be added to this new site later.

Q - Can I pay by credit card?

A - Yes we accept payment with all major credit cards (except Solo). Just select the 'pay on secure server' button and enter your details. These will come direct to us via an encrypted message which no one else can see, we deal with the transaction ourselves, so if there is any problem with your card or details we can contact you direct rather than through a third party.

Q - Can I order without using a credit card

A - Yes, you can send in an order by post with a cheque (sterling only please). If you have our catalogue there should be an order form inside (please don't forget to allow for postage). If you don't have our catalogue we would be pleased to send you one. You will be able to download an order form from this site (when its been put on there)

Q - I am having trouble getting products into my shopping basket - help!

A - You probably have 'cookies disabled'. The website makes a temporary cookie which holds the contents of your shopping basket. To change this setting (internet explorer) go to Tools menu, select Internet Options then Privacy and adjust the slider to 'medium'. This will solve the problem (you can always adjust it again afterwards).

Q - Having trouble viewing the sizing guide?

A - The sizing guide appears as a 'pop up' or separate window (so you can see it while looking at other pages, if it doesn't appear then you probably have pop ups 'blocked' to cut down on adverts etc. Press Ctrl key while clicking on the sizinf guide link and it will appear.

Q - I want to change the quantity of an item (or remove)

A - If you have already placed the order then get in touch by phone or email and we can change it (assuming we haven't already despatched the order)
If you haven't placed the order yet then press the 'view cart' button at the top of the screen, you then can either cancel an item (remove) or change the quantity. Remember to click the 'update' button.