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All about us.

White Rose Collection has recently changed hands with Tanya and Dave moving into a well-earned retirement and handing the White Rose flag onto a new team.

Julia and Kevin Constable

Julia and Kevin have been married for nearly 30 years and have two grown up children.

Julia and Kevin have another business called Rapidcare that is a home delivery company that delivers prescription items to people in the UK. Julia started her working life as a Registered Nurse and so has a strong affinity with the customers.

Renee and Ricky Hobson

Ricky and Renee are newly married and have 3 children between them.

Renee works for the NHS and Ricky is an IT expert with many years’ experience at a senior level in a large UK healthcare company. Ricky understands that the products and systems need to be easy to navigate whilst giving the customer as much information as possible.

All the Directors feel passionately about delivering excellent high quality products and service.